Our Services

For Individuals:

Financial Planning-As a CFP®, Dave creates a personalized financial plan with you to serve as a blueprint for the financial house that is built.  Components of the plan include:
Retirement Planning- Whether you are 30 or 90, retirement is a process, not a destination. We'll help you design the blueprint and implement and monitor the plan.
Estate Planning- There are many changes in estate planning due to changing tax laws. Find out the latest strategies on how to keep more of what you earn for yourselves and your family.
Income Planning- No one retires on a lump-sum of assets. Rather, they retire on the income that those assets generate. But how do you get that income? Do you buy CD's or Treasuries? Corporate bonds or REIT's? The answer can mean literally thousands of dollars per year in additional income. We'll look at your needs and design the best plan to turn on that income spigot.
Risk Management- We believe that insurance doesn't need to be a financial burden for a family. We work with our clients to design an insurance plan that covers them adequately without breaking the bank. Whether it's term, variable universal or whole life that you're evaluating, we'll do our best to get you the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

For Businesses:
As a business owner, you are faced with an overwhelming amount of decisions every day just relating to the management of your own company. Often there is little time to focus on the vision for the future and how best to get where you want to go financially.

We would like to help reduce the uncertainty of the future by beginning the business succession or exit planning discussions today.  We have found that the earlier clients begin that dialogue, the better the outcome, even if your planned retirement happens decades out.